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Testing System

Testing System

Leyden Brewery testing system is the necessary choice of modern brewery and beer laboratory. Realize your dream of brewing!

Brewpub System

Brewpub System

Leyden Brewery are built based while taking the latest energy and economic aspects into consideration.

Industrial System

Industrial System

For the people who have been running the industrial breweries for years, Leyden Brewery let your brewery keep competitive.

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Leyden Berwery is one of the most well-known beer brewing equipment supply companies in China. Our company combines both the world’s most sophisticated brewing technology with economical prices in order to provide our customers with the best equipment at an affordable price. Our product line caters to every possible customer in the market: from pilot systems / home brewery equipment to microbrewery equipment / macrobrewery as well as renovating or upgrading current commercial beer brewing equipment. If you are unsure as to what products to select or where to start, Leyden Berwery will help you find EXACTLY what you are looking for.

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Our popular and bespoke daily cake and drink services offer unique taste and value. All ingredients are organic and daily hand-picked. Whether its a simple hangout with friends, or a birthday party, we all have choices for you.

  • Unique taste and mouth-watering recipes
  • Fresh and healthy ingredients from our trusted suppliers
  • Offer the best price in town
  • Various options for both daily and special occasions
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