Friday, 27 August 2010


Yesterday was a lovely lovely day shopping in Sheffield with my grandparents. We sort of met half way this time, because it takes a while to get to theirs and we usually stay overnight. I didnt buy a whole lot, but I did finally pick up some apple earphones! I've been waiting to get some for so long, I totally hate this new fad of in-ear earphones, they're so uncomfy. I much prefer the old stylee apple ones! I can listen to music on my phone again! Wahooo.
My sister bought the saweeeeetest shoes. I'm totally jealous really. I look pretty foolish in them (we're lucky enough to be the same size in shoes and clothes) but she really suits the colourful tomboy look, where as I have to stick with the super girly image. Sometimes, the boy in me just wants to show his face :O) So yah I couldn't find a picture online :( But they're totally awesome! Baby pink and metallic pastel blue Dunks. Freshhhh. I'll take some pics and surely display them :) PIC IS HERE! ---> That's actually one of my legs and one of hers, no idea which is which!!
On the way home we saw the most beautiful sunset over the top of the Pennines, all orangey, purpley red. Oooof. I've got a picture on my phone, I'll stick on at some point in time.

I woke at 6am this morning :O :O I know so early, but I got my Tony from the airport and the world is restored to normality again for me. Well, as normal as it possibly can be. Now all of that excitement is over though I have to once again remember what is happening on tuesday :( and get my nose back to the grindstone.


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