Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bananas are usually yellow.

Psychology is so funny.
So if you're listening to two things at once (one playing in each ear) because you're dead weird and you like to do that, or for some reason a man in a white coat is making you listen to two things at once, you can only actually pay attention to one of them. If the recording in the ear you aren't listening with starts playing backwards or in another language, you won't notice, BUT, if it suddenly starts playing sexually explicit words, you will notice immediately. We actually have sex just totally ingrained in our minds. How sad.

Also, I just found a great website, they sell Banksy wall-art sticks. Oh my god!!! I love Banksy! :D Here's my fav of the moment...
BANG BANG! Panda eats, shoots and leaves...

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