Monday, 30 August 2010

China Town

I just took an hour and a half nap because I'm absolutely exhausted and I had quite possibly the weirdest dream.

It goes like this:
I was in a very busy town with someone I knew at school, who I never really spoke to. It was kind of an odd start. We were walking through the streets and there were many nasty buses with big, black, thick fumes coming out of their exhausts. I was choking on that for a while I'm sure, and all the while my dream companion was just smiling at me like a mad person. Next we went into what must have been China Town and we accidentally went into a restaurant the back way. The lady didn't mind, in fact she seemed to know me and made me a tray of some nice tasting Chinese food that I gobbled up even though I knew that I had to be at a Thai restaurant with Tony at half 6, which was soon. (This is true, I really do have to go to the Thai restaurant in ten minutes!!!) The dream was so vivid.
Anyway back to it - so I suddenly realised that I'd finished the tray of chinese but there was something unpleasant left in it that I hadn't noticed the whole time. It was a severed hand. I was freaking out a bit, not only because I'd happily eaten all of this hand-infused food but also because I hadn't noticed it and to make things worse it was half past 6 now and I was late. All of a sudden the Chinese lady look at me and said,
"Oh, we have something to tell you...", she sounded urgent.
I responded, "What?".
The lady and her son moved very close to me and said, "this..." in unison.
Just at that moment, the alarm on my phone went off literally RIGHT on cue. It was the sound of church bells. And that's when I woke up wide awake.

It totally freaked me out, maybe I have some Chinese spirit woman trying to tell me something. Or, maybe I'm just having a MASSIVE spaz out about this exam tomorrow morning and that's my brains fucked up way of letting me know. Definitely have to leave now anyway.



  1. Just out of curiosity who was the person from school you were with? o_O


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