Sunday, 22 August 2010


I wish the weather looked like this today. But it doesn't. It looks about as crap as I feel. I made a stupid attempt at waking up at 8am to get revision done early...this resulted in me hitting snooze repeatedly for a whole 2 hours. So now I still feel like I woke up early, just a lot less pleased with myself since I've so far managed to open my book, and that's it. I'm still feeling the pain of my night out in my feet, feels kinda like I'm walking on sore bubbles. Note to self - never wear heels on a night out again, your feet will not thank you.

Having a proper day of shopping today because Sunday is the "day of rest", right? Not sure I can afford a day of rest... I have 4 and a half lectures to finish and then a whole other topic to get done, all by sometime in the middle of this coming week, so I can then start reading over it and making sure my lump of grey pathetic matter is actually taking some of it in! Problem is the new topic I have to start has lecture slides about as useful as a chocolate fireguard, and that's me being generous. It's kind of a few vague pictures and words on a pathetic number of slides and none of it means anything at all.

I realised something when I woke up this morning. I always have very politically correct dreams. There always seems to be someone from each of the main ethnic minorities in there. I know I'm weird but I feel quite pleased with my brain for at least one thing, David Cameron would approve and probably the BBC too (now bring back Outnumbered). Ahahahaha.

:L <-- What does that emote mean? I see it all the time, and clearly I'm not "down with the kids" (I've been past my teenage years for a whole 12 days now) because I have no idea what on earth its supposed to imitate. It makes me think of a sort of Popeye expression - but when used in context that seems to make no sense at all...

I found out the most saddening news yesterday. There really is such a thing as selective attention. So sometimes, if it seems someone is choosing not to pay attention just to be a pain in the arse, they might actually just be blissfully unaware that anything is going on that requires their input. Why is this saddening you ask? Because my wonderful, amazing boyfriend (not sarcastic - I know I can be, a lot!) often just doesn't pay attention to what I'm saying. This could well be because I talk a lot, but he swears he really doesn't mean to do it. I still get mad at him anyway. But, now (!!) he has an excuse. I just hope he somehow misses out that lecture (we both study Psychology) then he can't start using his ears and brain as an excuse! :( Men have enough excuses!

So on a final note - probably not for the day, just for this post. Maybe something exciting will happen in Manchester (haaaa)!
Watch this's an American advert and even though it is supposed to be a bit of a serious advert, and of course I fully support the cause, Tony and I just can't help laughing when the guy says "CRACKHEAD". Call us insensitive, but it just tickles us both for some reason. You may not find this funny, but I oh so hope you do! Oh, and you have to jack the volume a teeny bit, or it doesn't have quite the same effect. I think I might have a slightly childish streak in me? :P
Click here ---> Amazing Grace - Sally Army USA
Aside from the amusing part, it really is quite a touching advert. GO USA.


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