Saturday, 21 August 2010


You Are Funny and Outgoing
You have a colorful and wild personality. And you don't tone it down for anyone! You love life, and you have an unmatched enthusiasm. You're pumped about everything. You are extremely playful. In fact, your default mode is always play. You prefer a whirlpool of fun and excitement. You don't like waters that are too calm or predictable.
Apparently this is true because I chose this duck out of 6 options. I really don't think that describes me completely accurately at all either. I'm more of the "sit down quietly with a book, play PS3 or Nintendo DS for hours on end, watch tv shows for equally long" kind of girl. I think. Those quiz things are so silly. The more I do, the more frustrated I get with it's sillyness! Of course I like to let my hair down and have a good time occasionally. Exhibit A - the face of this blog, slightly over-excited about having my picture taken....
At least I can laugh at myself - you can laugh at me too if you like. ;)

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  1. Hi Rachael,

    It kind of describes us twins. We always burn the candle at both

    We will laugh with you....but NEVER AT you. Hug!
    We think you have a colorful and wonderful personality. We love your blog image and personality!!!!!!

    Love, Joann xxxx
    Have new post.


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