Saturday, 28 August 2010

Football :)

Yeah, so my dad and Tony went to watch the Blackburn vs Arsenal match today. I wasn't invited :( I guess they having some male bonding time, I don't know. I even had to drop them off in all the horrendous football traffic. Bleh.

On the good side, after I get a little revision done I'm going to go and (finally) get my curtains measured up and ordered. I haven't had any for 6 months and it's a bit of a farce really. I think I'm getting some really cute pale gold ones, with little diamantes all over. Will look like a starry gold sky all night long :)

Just been entertaining myself and reading my favourite blog. I've been reading this for a very long time now, before I started this one myself. I don't read the newest posts yet, I started way back in 2003 at the beginning of her blog and am reading forwards bit by bit. It's so entertaining, she's quite possibly one of the most outspoken girls I've ever known of. She should probably write trashy chic lit novels, they'd be awfully entertaining! Anyway, if you want to have a read yourself here it is: Xiaxue - Everyone's reading it.

Something has annoyed me very much this weekend. As everyone knows it's a bank holiday on Monday in England. I WILL BE STUDYING ALL DAY. At least my exam is on Tuesday. I'd be even more pissed if my exam was on Monday. Scotland has different bank holidays to us. Why do they have to be different? Why is it even a bank holiday Monday?? Probably a celebration of the end of the summer and the shitty months of weather to come....

There I go being all British again. Bleh. I guess I can't
help it. I want to go to Italy and live the other half of my blood. At least there the weather doesn't make you sad. How can anyone be sad in Italy. Maybe the men in Italy can make some people sad, all pervy and touchy feely. Although, you get showered in gifts and affection, spoilt rotten and treated like a princess.... it may be short lived but surely it's worth it???

Meh ce sera, sera!

Time to study. Fuck.

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