Thursday, 19 August 2010


I was looking at this photo and wondering if Lions are vain. They certainly look regal and beautiful, even though the one on the left has a much thicker neck, maybe a thicker neck is a better Lion trait? I wonder if they sit there contemplating how awesome they are... If my two cats are anything to go by I'd argue yes, most definitely!

I decided I was going to try and get all of my faffing on the internet out of the way before I started my studying today, hence the early blog post. Although I'm almost certain I'm going to be completely unsuccessful at staying well away. I can't imagine what takes up so much time because I never seem to actually do anything on the web anyway!

One last bit of food for thought before I disappear into the depths of Psychology never to return :( I found this whilst updating my travel scrapbook last night (blogging, creative you say? Hahaha I wish!)

Journeys & Memories...
No one ever said on their death-bed that they wished they'd spent more time in the office. So grab your kit and get out there, whatever that might be. Surfing, boarding, climbing or skiing. Whatever your passion and wherever it takes you....remember every minute.
Thought that was lovely and inspirational, not sure if it belongs to someone specific or just the marketing and PR team at Fat Face? Starting to see an inspirational quote theme coming on. Although, only when I come across them myself - no searching google for lame quote websites and giving you all an "inspirational quote of the day" section, I promise :)

As you can see I have now added a hit counter, so I can really embarass myself and know once and for all that I'm just really sodding boring. Ah well, it's better to know....right? Also, it kinda reminds me of the counter down in the Swan Dharma station on Lost (such a ridiculously awesome show!)
The picture there is actually a timer for your desktop! You can get it at: Jimbobslimbob, just scroll down until you see it. Cool, no?

Seriously!!!!! Does anyone know why it's so damn hard to draw an &? I try and try and all I get it some lopsided squishy thing. I think psychology uses more of those things than any other subject that exists. Unless there's a degree in text symbols... I can draw them backwards perfectly. But I'm pretty sure that's not the point.

As you can clearly see I'm procrastinating about as hard as I possibly can, but a nice big pack of Werthers Original's are on their way to me just now. Which makes me a slightly happier bunny. Also, I think for the first time ever I've called a call centre and come away feeling cheerful! My gas and elec company play Jack Johnson while you're on hold. You just cannot get mad about waiting when you're listening to Jack. I was tempted to sing along - but I've seen those shows on TV where they play recordings of people doing silly things whilst on hold. There's no way I'd want my singing to end up the butt of the UK jokes, no way!

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