Sunday, 22 August 2010


Shopping today was relatively successful (this is a rare thing!). I bought a lovely new watch with a pearlised leather strap. My last watch didn't have numbers or lines, so I had a few issues telling the time, but as you can see this one has nice big numbers - perfect for special people :)

And, and, huge bonus - the sun came out and shone itself all day long. I think maybe my complaining early this morning helped a lot. I'm wondering if I should complain about the weather at least once a day in order to bless the North West with sunshine. But, then of course, I'd just be a typical Brit, with nothing else to say except what the weather is doing. I'm already half there, I've talked about it enough. From now on, only if it does something unusual, like snows chocolate, will I talk about the forbidden "W".

I wish it would snow chocolate.

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