Monday, 30 August 2010


Good morning World!
First thing I did to prepare me for a full day of revision was make myself a nice cuppa with the hotel hospitality tray. Yum. I then spilled most of it all over my pillow. Which is now hanging on an old fashioned trouser press
thing drying off. Eeeps!

I forgot how cold this bloody town was :( Although I did miss it a lot, so pretty!! Trying to find you a lovely photo but the hotel Wifi is painfully slow!! So I can't be bothered to find a decent picture, I got this instead. It's Hugh Grant taking his shot at the 18th hole in Oct 2008. You can sort of see how pretty the town is :)

Ooooh, also this here is a museum that quite clearly used to be some sort of small castle. Or something.

Going to be a short post this morning. I'm in exam panic mode. Less than 24 hours to go. Maybe an all day breakfast can cure me?


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