Monday, 23 August 2010


- Spoonerisms are phrases that come from a man named William A. Spooner, who had a habit of transposing letters in words to come up with new, often humorous, phrases. Spoonerisms can be accidental or intentional. The words "lard" and "yawn" can be Spoonerisms for "yard" and "lawn". A phrase attributed to William Spooner was "a scoop of boy trouts" instead of "a troop of Boy Scouts".

I've got to say this man was a bit of a genius, with quite possibly the awesomest last name in the history. Spoonerisms. I had no idea it was an actual technical term in the world of the English Language-ers. Sweet! Maybe when I get job in the big wide world I'll be a Professor of Spoonerisms, or Doctor of Spoonerisms. Ahahahahaha.

That's the second inference of spoons I've read since I started studying today. It's a very spoony day. The first was all about which type of spoon is the most typical type of spoon in the spoon category. It sounds silly and it probably is, but some psychologists back in the day decided it was imperative to know that small metal spoons are the most common type of spoon and small wooden spoons are the least. I think we all know who the spoons are in this situation?? :D
I wonder if this post counts for a world record? "Most number of times spoon said in a blog post"?

On a final spoony note. Go watch this super freaky video about spoons!
Salad Fingers - Rusty Spooooooooons!
p.s. this video is slightly disturbing.

"Must find perfect spooooooon"


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