Friday, 20 August 2010

Wartime Chicks

Bee and I are planning an all out war. Stooping to his stupid gay level might not be the most mature thing in the world to do, but hey we'll get some damn good pictures out of it and probably take him down a peg or two in the process. It's a win-win situation! Yes, yes, we're going to get a professional photo shoot done too. Just for funsies of course, two best friends making some memories, you know how it is. ;) If you're lucky when it's all over I'll post up a photo here! Just got to fix a good time for a consultation and squeeze it in somewhere amongst all the revision. My exam kind of gets in the way of everything. Plus, my boyfriend arrives next week.

Of course I am completely over the moon about this, as he is lucky enough to live in the Caribbean. It just happens to be 6000 miles away from me :( On that point it is our 16 month anniversary today *yay us!* I received Nintendogs through the post this morning which was a lovely surprise, although it doesn't help with with the whole 'no procrastination' thing I'm trying so hard to go along with! The best I can do is send him a crappy e-card because there's only about one internet company in the whole wide web that will actually post out to the island he lives on. :/ Really rubbish. If any employees at any big internet companies *cough* Amazon *cough* happen across this - PLEASE SHIP TO TORTOLA!

On a not-so-cool note, the heavens just opened and it is raining so hard I think the sky is going to have a hernia.... to make things worse it's Friday, which of course means that come about 7pm it'll be time to start getting ready for a bit of light relief. A good night out on the town :P Let's all cross our fingers that the rain stops, wandering around a miserable town centre in a tiny dress and silly heels in the middle of the night is never cool when it's throwing it down and freezing to boot. Can I remind whoever controls the weather way up there in the sky that it is SUMMERTIME! I'd like to see some bloody sunshine! Please?

Oh and did I mention I'm having a super bad hair day :'( Hopefully my sister can come to the rescue and figure something out...

Where did I get the picture of the chick you ask? Well if you click *here*
you will find it is actually a wallpaper and there are plenty more :)

Oh hey - the rain stopped! I guess my prayers were answered for once??

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