Monday, 23 August 2010


Seriously, drink lots of it! I never really drank much water before, because I'm sort of too lazy and I always thought it was a bit boring. I'd drink tea, juice or something and only ever have water if I started choking! But for the past week or so, I've been on a bit of a water bender (not like in the film The Last Airbender!) and it seems to have done me a lot of good. I'm sort of wondering why I've been so retarded before now. It makes your face all glowy and rosy and stops you getting the attack of the zit every few days. Miracle, no? Well, it is to me!

This picture is of the Menara Gardens bathing pool thing in Marrakech city. Tony and I took an amazing trip there in January/February this year. It's seriously an awesome place to go, especially if you head out into the mountains, they're totally spectacular. The contrast between snowcapped and brown deserty mountains in fantastic to see. But, I'd recommend some sort of life insurance when you go, because the roads there actually cause you physical stress just looking at them. They're so hectic! I think in the January to come, a trip to Dusseldorf in Germany might be on the cards! Exciting stuff - something to look forward to me writing about!

I think I might be turning granny for a night and going to play bingo sometime this week! If you've never been I seriously recommend it, it's super fun! And if you win money out of it you can hardly complain! Last time I went, I got seriously enthusiastic about it, a little to enthusiastic...whilst playing this mini bingo game with little black chips that are in a big bucket in the middle of the table, I got a bit frustrated at losing and ended up flinging the whole lot all over the floor. I'm pretty sure some of them hit a few of the people around me too :/ Maybe it's not such a good idea to go and play bingo again...

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