Saturday, 28 August 2010

We all need eyes to see....

"This is the Oxford English Dictionary we're talking about, not the American Word Book"
Steve Jones you fucking legend. You put my all of my thoughts of today into a beautiful nutshell.

I'm a bit of a spelling and grammar Nazi. Whilst revising today I realised that I am beginning to confuse a lot of the spellings for things between the British and American ways. Colour; color. Favourite; Favorite Metre; Meter. These are the obvious ones that I hope I'll never confuse. The ones leaving me most vexed are where to put "s" and "z" at the end of such words as realise, standardise, advertise (all of which can be spelled with a z!!!) It's incredibly frustrating and leads me back to the days of my childhood, when things were spelled one way, and one way only. Now, don't get me wrong, going to university and meeting a plethora of people from all over the world has been fantastic but I just wish they didn't impose their spellings upon my brain. I can't blame my friends, obviously, but I can blame my lecturers because they don't seem to be able to decide either. The lecture notes are half Americanis(z)ed and half British. It doesn't help when I'm trying to study about...god knows what...and all I can think about is how confused I am with the spellings. Yack. So it was weird that when I was eating my dinner and watching "101 Ways To Leave a Gameshow" that Steve Jones said the above quote and sort of made my day!

Don't know if you noticed in the last paragraph I made the word "vexed" stand out a bit. This was for two reasons:
  1. To remind me of what to say next and...
  2. because I discovered the most fabulous show on the BBC. As you may have guessed it is called Vexed. It is politically uncorrect, they swear, they mock the British police system and anything else they can manage to poke fun at and it is quite possibly the funniest show since I watched Outnumbered. Heck, it might even be funnier than Outnumbered. I have to give the BBC a huge slap on the back here and say "Well Done". If you haven't seen it I suggest you get yourself over to "VEXED" to watch the first two episodes and even better - you can watch it in HD! The next one airs sometime this week. Be there!
I. Can't. Wait.

Whilst we're on the topic of TV, the fourth season of Dexter has just begun airing in the UK and there are posters of the amazing, dashing, wonderful, awe-inspiring Michael C Hall all over the local bus shelters. Anyone that hasn't seen one of them is going to get a treat. Not only is he an amazing person himself, battling cancer and all, he has made one of the most entertaining drama shows. It's sort of on a par with LOST. I can't honestly compare the two. He makes a serial killer so lovable. You just want to give him a big hug and go on a massive killing spree with him. Ok, so not quite that lovable. But, you get my point. And I still want to give him that hug. So anyway, here's the magical poster they've made in all of its glory...

If this blog was my actual diary and I was writing this by hand, I'd draw little lines all around that poster to make it look like it was glowing :)

More about TV....eugh you'd think I do nothing else. Truth is I only watch things I really, really like. So I honestly hardly ever watch it! One last thing: watching The XFactor today made me remember the woman last week who sang her own version of Duffy's Mercy. I can't even explain. You've probably seen it but I'm going to put it up anyway. If you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat...
Just make sure you watch the whole video to the end. Every second is utterly priceless...

Wow, what a super long post. Anyway on a final note for today, and possibly until sometime next week as I'm heading off to uni tomorrow to prepare for my exams, I'd like to share with you this story about The Stig. Is it true I wonder???


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