Monday, 27 September 2010


Ohhhh my gosh. First day of lectures today and my schedule is sooooo busy. I have basically no free time now except weekends and by the time I'm home I have to cook food and then I'm exhausted. Bleh. Was quite productive today though and booked my car in for its service and MOT. It's making a mysterious noise which will hopefully not be another near fatality!

Also I managed to drunkenly adopt an academic daughter, Louisa. She is so lovely, but now I feel weirdly responsible for her entertainment needs as my child. Means I've got to be a good sport, pluck up the courage to go out on the town in this freezing bloody weather which is SO wrong for September and go drunkenly adopt her some brothers and sisters. Boo.
And it means I have to get them royally drunk at least once this semester - not including raisin weekend, of course.

The Golden Middle turned out to be a bit of a fail event, if there ever was one. We went along at around half ten, expecting to see Adie (our friend and DJ) doing his set. Turned out they'd changed the schedule and didn't tell anyone. So we missed his first set and didn't stay long enough to catch his 2nd. We actually only stayed about a half hour altogether. Managed to get half chatted up by a very sweet but extremely nerdy and misguided asian kid called "Bernie". That was awkward. I think we drunkenly had a conversation with this really short, slightly odd guy that sits at the front of our Psych lectures all eager and raring to go. Kind of cute. But yeah, so we didn't stay too long, most of the third years had left ages ago so it was full of freshers. Leaving was not so disastrous though since we went out and celebrated Stewart's 20th properly. The boys stayed out and went to a house party full of crack heads. The girls were so tired by 2am we all went back and drank tea. Proper civ.

We need a house party. This house is too big. But awesome.


I am a busy bee.... Bzzzzzz

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