Monday, 13 September 2010

Flora :(

Oh my, my, my. Poor little Flora. She really was on her last legs and I didn't even know it. Now she has shiny brand new ones thankfully.

So I woke at the most ridiculous hour of 8am, dragged myself (literally) out of bed at 9am and made it to the car centre for almost 10. It's like a first come first served thing, so I thought this would be fine. We walked into town in the meantime thinking we'd only have a few hours to kill, bearing in mind the rain was literally coming sideways and I had no umbrella. We finally got into town, looking like complete hobos. We did everything super slowly to waste as much time as possible. On rolled 4pm and I still hadn't had a phone call from the centre. We walked all the way (this time with an umbrella thankfully) to find they hadn't even bloody looked at it yet, because they didn't know how to turn on my car. Ridiculous. Why they didn't just call and ask, has completely boggled me. So I had to show a mechanic how to turn on my car. I have to admit the reason my car is so obnoxious to turn on is to stop it from being stolen, so clearly it's doing it's job. When they've finally taken a look at it, a mechanic walks in to the reception area with two pieces of black thing, my heart dropped and quite rightly too, they tell me that the reason I brought it in (squealy noise) is not actually a serious problem and won't cause me any trouble, but one of the handbrake shoes (thing that makes it work) had disintegrated into two pieces. Yay. He disappears for half an hour to fix it, comes back to tell me that I have brake fluid leaking out of the back of my car too. Double yay. They eventually finished at around half 5 and at a lovely cost of 170 pounds my car is no longer a hazard to all human life. Phew. What a long day.

Another short and boring blog post. Freshers week next week. Just you wait ;)

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