Thursday, 9 September 2010

Impending Doom

TODAY IS THE DAY. It's already 1pm and my exam result is not here yet. I am going crazy! The exam officers are fucking sadistic bastards. Making me stew over this thing all day long. If I was American I'd probably sue them for causing a hazard to my health. I'm going to have heart failure or something, whatever you can get from being too stressed. I feel like there's a bunch of lumpy evil imps running around in my chest. My future depends entirely on this day and they think it's ok to take their time. *breathes* Fuck.It feels like a million years ago since I last posted but a few bits and bobs happened since then I suppose. I never have too much
excitement to write about because I'm not back at uni so no super crazy scandalous gossip stories to let you all enjoy. Soon though :)

Um, so yah, on Sunday, I think, my dad took my sister, Tony and I out to Lytham St Annes to have a lovely wander down the beach to the sea and back. It was quite a nice day so this was fairly pleasant. Although I bet when I say "stroll to the sea" you must think, oh ok, that didn't take long. You are so mistaken. The tide was out. I mean, way out. It took about an hour to get to the sea, and a little less to get back, as the tide was coming in very quickly and we were racing it a bit!
(Ugh, waiting for iPhoto to load my pictures so I can at least show you some :/)

"God" sun rays
Sand blowing in strange wisps over the beach
The sea was a long way out...
It was a super super windy day too. I took a few cool videos of the sand blowing in weird streaks along the beach. It looked really surreal. I decided that since it was such a great day for taking photos I'd do some cool photos of us all jumping over big pools of water on the beach. Mine was a total disaster. I took a running jump over the pool and somehow just couldn't stop going and, in what felt like slow motion to me, I just kind of ploughed my way straight into the middle of a very large and much deeper blob of water. It came up to my ankles :(

The picture of me actually jumping turned out to look kind of awkward, so it really wasn't worth me getting my shoes and socks wet and sandy :( Bleh. So yeah after we finally got back to dry, non-sandy land we went on a hunt for cockles. It seems like nobody sells them anymore!! We gave up looking in Lytham and took a detour over to Blackpool on the way home instead. Disappointingly the only place we found that sold them had run out. So we had mussels instead. Not what I was craving but still seafood I suppose.
I'm not sure either what salty air does to your hair. When I woke up the next day it was crazy weird. It kinda looked like I'd taken loads of tiny strands and made them go rock hard with hair spray. My whole hair was like this. I tried to brush it out and it was possibly the most painful thing I've ever done. Like the time I drunkenly spilled a shot of Apple Sourz on my hair without realising until the next day when trying to remove the crap was painful as hell.

My cat Frankie is currently trying to help me write this blog post by tippy tapping his little paws all over the keyboard. Apparently a computer is a more comfortable bed than a cushion -.-
Cats will one day achieve world domination.
Nothing extremely eventful happened in the next few days. Was going to go to Ikea and do a massive shop to kit out our new flat but my mum decided she wants to come with us, so that has to wait until Saturday. Saw the Last Exorcism in the cinema. Not the best film in the world but was sufficiently freaky! :) We made a short trip to the Trafford Centre, I was aiming to pick up my sisters birthday present as she turns 17 next week. But, yet again PANDORA SUCKS. They failed for the 3rd time now to have the brown leather double wrap bracelet in small. Which means I have to go to Trafford again sometime before next week and just pray, pray, pray that they have it in store this time. Wahhhh :( I decided I want to get her the cute hearts charm (below) and Tony will be getting her the doggy one! If I ever manage to ger her anything at all of course.

Yesterday was super fun, I took Tony and Griffin to Cadbury World in Birmingham. It was awesome. Aha. So much chocolate and so much hyper-ness. The car ride back was a little interesting, we were all bouncing like lunatics due to an unhealthy amount of chocolate, sugar and caffeine. But I think I cheered Griffin up some at least. His girlfriend broke up with him just the other day and he was so sad. Usually, hes one of the happiest people I know, I think hopefully I helped him get some of that happy back :)

Tony and Griffin happily playing, just like big boys do ;P

My cars health is sort of hanging in the balance right now. Poor Flora. Every time I change gear something makes a really loud squealy noise. Pretty sure it's clutch bearings. If that goes kaput, I'm in trouble :/

Post is finally coming to an end :)
I'm going to go stress some more over my exam predicament. I'm sure there'll soon be another post. Either deliriously happy or just about to kill myself.

Let's just hope it's not the latter okay?
Although I have this massive feeling of dread that by some horrific unmiracle, it could be.
Woe is me.

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