Saturday, 4 September 2010


I'd like to point out actually, that after the wasp stung me, it was flicked to the floor and stamped to death by Tony. Now I don't like to kill things, but that little bastard sort of deserved it!
Thursday was a better day, my friend Tom took Tony and I to Nando's for lunch. I've never eaten at Nando's before. It is so awesome. They put spices and flavours on everything and I was pretty shocked that you can just buy a whole chicken to eat. And they encourage you to eat with your fingers. The music they play while you eat is super awesome too, is this cheerful Latino music. I can't wait to go again!

Popping off to Manchester to do some shopping. No doubt my next post is going to be miles from now since snagging internet time is like drawing blood from a stone!!
Hopefully by this time next week I will finally have my own working laptop then I can get back to being a happy blogger all over again :)


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