Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Yeahhh! Finally our internet is working (life has been so hard without it, let me tell you!) and finally I get back to my blogging duties :) Aren't you lucky?

Phew ok so my last blog was before the weekend. Let's see...

The big moving in day. We did the 5 hour drive, spent many more hours unpacking all of our crap (worldly possessions) and ordered a takeaway from the new Indian restaurant called Chillies and Peppers. It was disappointing compared to the other "student indian takeaway" Maisha. I got an attack of the allergies because our house is ancient, like Victorian, and it's covered totally in dust and spiders. Our upstairs neighbours are Greek or something and don't speak very great English. This is how our first conversation went:

Greek boy: (Points at self, then up) Me, upstairs. (Points at Greek girl, then up) She, upstairs. Hello


I'm not sure about whether the house is haunted or not either...

We waved goodbye to my parents, after they'd spent much, much money on groceries for us, and we were finally officially moved in! It was a very weird feeling at first, knowing that we basically have a house of our own, but then it just got awesome being able to do whatever the hell we wanted :) I took a photo of our "kitchen christening" meal - pancetta wrapped chicken with pasta and spicy tomato sauce. Yum!

Monday was one of those yucky organisey days. Calling people, buying stuff, visiting the bank. Blah, blah, blah. And I couldn't find the alphabet letters I bought for the fridge anywhere!! Boo.

I found the alphabet letters!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I am about as mature as a ten year old, so the first thing I spelled with the letters was "penis". Of course.

I had to go and see my advisor of studies to confirm my module choices for this year and make sure I was on the right track. The appointment went a bit like this:

*knock knock*
Dr. G: Come in
Me: Hi, I'm here for advising
Dr. G: Yes, come in and maybe speak up so I can hear you.
Ohhhh noooooo....
Dr. G: Let's take a look at your photo
Me (in my head): Why on EARTH would you want to look at my photo when I'm sat RIGHT in front of you????????
Dr. G: Oh my, you look glum.
Me (in my head): Gee thanks bumhole...
Dr. G: Now, let's look at your academic record *scans down page* - hmm, not brilliant, not good, hmm, no, not very good.
Me (in my head): Alright TWAT I worked extremely hard for those VERY respectable grades. Thank-you-very-much!

I was seething in my head by now, imagining scenes of this man being tortured in brutal ways. Ha, just kidding about the torture. So he then proceded to tell me all about how Psychology in 2nd year is extremely hard and how I "can't be a party girl anymore" and asking if I lived in a surrounding suitable for studying. Eesh, what a guy. What did take me by surprise was that they only accept half of the 2nd year students into 3rd at the end of it. So I really do have to work my ass off, like my advisor managed to point out in about 1,001 insulting and annoying ways. Ah, the Scottish ;)

I actually think that's it for now. Got so many episodes of stuff to watch, since they all started Monday. Boo. Um, going to a house party tomorrow night, still need to buy a dress for the Golden Middle because my size in the one I want is avoiding me like I have the plague. :/

Now I'm back online I can use my fellow friend and bloggers recipes and cook some delish meals. Also going to make some Mickey and Minnie mouse cookies soon with my own special recipe that I *might* just put up here for you to enjoy :)

Oh, and this is what we cooked tonight - I'm dead proud of it ;P

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