Thursday, 30 September 2010


So it's been an incredibly busy week and I'm completely exhausted. Today is supposed to be my day off.

My timetable isn't that bad, it's just the amount of reading and assignments I have is a little bit more than I'm used to.
I'm panicking a little bit because I have a 15 minute presentation to conduct infront of 40 students in November sometime. If there's one thing I hate, it's giving presentations. Especially infront of people I don't know. Especially students. Give me a bunch of adults who are respectful, won't judge you, and are actually interested in what you have to say and I'll breeze through it. But students...*shudders*
*Puts to back of mind*

More pressingly I took my car for its MOT. Ultimately that was a disaster. For starters, there are 3 garages right next to each other that all do a service and MOT. I was supposed to take my car to the one in the middle (the cheapest), but I accidentally took it to the specialist VW dealer (most expensive). PAH. Then I get the results back a few hours later.

£900 of fail.
My car is seventeen years old. It's just not worth it.
So I checked through all of the supposed "issues". Turns out they tried charging me over £100 for the parts of the handbrake I had fixed the other week! Unbelievable. Just because I'm a young woman. I think they were a little bit shocked when I told them there was a mistake. Priceless faces. Funnily enough, the man suddenly decided that it was only "advisory" and not necessary. Bastardos.
I went to KwikFit instead, they can do it for just over £500, which still isn't worth it, but yano. Flora's my babe :) I have the very tough decision of keeping or scrapping her now :'(

Keeping me sane and entertained this week has definitely been Ray William Johnsons YouTube channel and Snapple. Link is in the sidebar to RWJ, you should definitely check him out - he reviews viral videos twice a week and is extremely funny. And Snapple is awesomely yummy. If you haven't tried some you should!!

*Smacks Lips*

(***Some photo editing thanks go to the fabtastic Pixlr - see links***)

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