Sunday, 12 September 2010


I'm pretty annoyed with most of technology at the moment. One thing that phones, TVs, computers etc are guaranteed to give me is a headache. Nine times out of ten I come away regretting even picking up/sitting in front of the damn thing. I'm just trying to charge my phone and iTunes is telling me there's some ridiculous new software I have to update it with and it could take "in excess of one hour", thanks Apple. Morons. Got to give them some credit though, they do a better job than the people over at Microsoft, but I won't even start on that. I'm pretty sure this update is going to delete all of my iTunes purchases too, I'm not too bothered about most of it since the collection includes very old Shakira songs from when my bad taste in music was worse than it is now.

Eugh, I'm exhuasted. I cleaned the whole downstairs of my house today, it took almost 5 hours. We seem to own so much crap. On the upside I finally got around to ordering a new placemat for the cats to eat their food on, because quite frankly, theirs is gross and falling to pieces. I got them new bowls too just for the hell of it. I was going a bit mad on the internet shopping actually, literally just buying useless crap, like alphabet fridge magnets.

We bought lots of super cool things in IKEA too, can't wait till we move into our flat at the weekend. I definitely have to get a photo on here of the vase I bought for the dining table. It's a blue glass bottle with little flowers on. Totally retro :) The sort that only looks good with one flower in, maybe two. I'm going to have to scour the internet for some really cool plastic flowers I can put in it. I'm thinking maybe a rose. Unless, of course, Tony buys me a real rose to put in ;)

Going to make this a short-ish post, I'm falling asleep at the wheels here and I have to be up at 8am to take my car to get her fixed. Poor Flora won't last long otherwise. Totally sucks that the repair centre is all the way in Blackburn, going to have to wander around town burning a hole in my purse until she's all fixed up :(

Mmm, before I go - happened upon this cool image that Hubble took:

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