Thursday, 2 September 2010


Tuesday was a mad hectic day! Waking up at the crack of dawn to check out of the hotel and put all of our things in my car (Note: at this point there was no sticker on my window - see later). Then of course there was the exam. Bleah, hopefully I passed, I can never tell. Anyway, upon return to the car I had a nice big sticker on the drivers side window saying:
***Gotta run for lunch with a friend - back with the details later***

Ok, so now it's Saturday and the rest of this post is long overdue but I cant get my hands on the computer because Tony is hooked on Football Manager 2010 just now. It's impossible to drag him off!

So anyway the car had a sticker saying:
This is a private road, parking is for residents only.
*Insert giant windmill picture here*
Please park elsewhere in future.
I wasn't too annoyed because it was quite a polite sticker. The only issue was the stickyness. One of those really annoying, hard to peel off stickers. So I have a nice big sticky square shape on my window to attract yet more crap onto my already filthy little car. :(

Before I'd gotten to the car I decided to stop at a super cute cafe called Bibi's for some lovely homemade leek and potato soup. Said soup was left in its takeaway cup on my dashboard while we popped into my estate agents to get the inventory for the new house. When we came to set off for home both Tony and I completely forgot about the soup on the dashboard. I set off. It spilled all over my car. Luckily it was in a travel cup so the damage wasn't too bad, but it was all sticky and gross on my seat. So I pulled over to clean up the mess. Seriously, you couldn't have put two bigger retards in a car together. All cleaned up we set off again. Soup on dashboard, forgotten about. Needless to say it spilled all over again, this time on Tony. So we had to stop to clean up a second time, but with only one tissue. It was not a happy morning really.

It was around lunchtime by now so we decided that some of the best fish and chips in Scotland would go down well, from the fish bar voted best for about ten years running now! It's in a lovely little town on the sea, all cute with fishing boats lining one side down in the harbour. Fish and chips in hand we decided to sit by the sea and eat them. Lovely plan, until the wasps appeared. There was only a small handful but they're pesky little buggers. Getting in our food and drinks. One particular wasp landed straight on Tonys can of Irn Bru. Needless to say he wasn't pleased. Now, I'm not entirely sure if I saw it before it happened, or if I just sort of saw it in slow motion, but either way, I knew what was going to happen next was not going to be
good. He flicked the wasp, and it landed at a decent speed on the side of my leg, where it preceded to sting me before I had a chance to register the impact and flick it off. I've never been stung by a wasp before. It bloody hurts. Like really, really, really hurts. Then I had to drive for 5 hours with a throbbing leg. I just have to thank god I'm not allergic. That would have been the icing on the cake.

So yeah that was tuesday anyway :)

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