Friday, 22 October 2010


Two very strange things happened this week. Tony's ex is in the year above us, I've never really met her. I haven't ever seen her around town in my 2 and a bit years here. I saw her at Starfields last year and that didn't go so well, even though we're complete strangers she totally hates me. Which I find kind of amusing. Anyway, she's like super rich and snotty, I think her dad is CEO of some big investment company. Bleh. Wednesday morning at around 11am I found myself standing next to her at a zebra crossing waiting to cross. She didn't recognise/acknowledge me, thank goodness, I think I might have had my eyes clawed out since there was no one else on South Street to witness it. Lucky escape right? Then, the next day, Tony and I are harmlessly doing our weekly shop at Morrisons and there she is right in front of us in the aisle. I freaked out a bit, because I hate dealing with people who dislike me and have no qualms about letting the world know. So I made a dash for the next aisle sharpish. Then endured almost an hour of constantly rounding corners and bumping into her while she made her best attempt at pretending we were invisible and then giggling with her friends like a small child. Maturity :)

Apart from that it's done nothing but pish it down the last two days and it's sodding miserable. On a high note, my sisters travel plans are finally all booked up and she's coming on Tuesday! Yay. I'm scrabbling around trying to get her a ticket to the Bongo Ball because I don't want to leave her in this big scary house all alone... Eek. Plus we'll probably come back rowdy as hell in the early hours with a bunch of people. I hope she isn't overwhelmed!

So I promised a picture of the possibly very old height chart markings on the kitchen door, but my photography skills aren't too great and I can't take one with out the flash obscuring the writing. When I turn off flash I can't hold myself steady enough. :/ Maybe I'll get Tony on it and get something up soon!

Just played the demo of the new Lara Croft game out on the PSN. It's brilliant, it's so different to the Tomb Raider games but it's still super awesome. How can it not be cool, it's Lara Croft! :) 

*Powww* *Powwwww*

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