Saturday, 30 October 2010


Bongo Ball was awesome. It was two hundred times better having Han there. After her first ever shot of tequila things definitely got interesting :) She was getting hit on left, right and centre and it was my job to fight off the extremely drunk ones. I even managed to break up a fight between some drunk kid and Stewart, because Stew insisted on tweaking the guys nose, repeatedly. We got the most amazing "bongo burgers" while we were there, I don't think I've ever tasted anything so good, but maybe that's just because I was a bit tipsy and super hungry! :D The African band was brilliant and the DJ kicked off his set with the Lion King, needless to say everyone went wild at that point including Tony! I think we decided to head home at about midnight because we'd been dancing for almost 4 hours and our feet were crying :( We had the longest and coldest walk home ever. We had to take our shoes off and run to stay warm but then our feet basically turned to ice cubes so we had to put them back on and slowly slowly teeter home enduring the horrible pain! Wahh.

Hannah and I, before we started drinking...

Max in his ridiculous but awesome African tribal outfit

The Lion King song... Waaahhhhh wanibwaaa...

Stewart found his home on the stage ;)

Tony and I :)

So I think today is definitely going to be a chill out day, no question. Then I think Hannah is going to cook us a lovely slap up meal, which will be very exciting :D and then finally we will be going to see the Social Network. We've been saying we will all week and today we definitely, definitely are. Although it means we will miss X-Factor which I'm totally hooked on this year! Even though I don't really know who I want to win.

Hannah has to go home tomorrow :( So sad. I can't wait until she can come back!! That means another trip to Dundee tomorrow. I feel like I've been on about four hundred this week!

One week countdown to both reading week and Amsterdam. A week off and a holiday. Both are much, much, much needed!

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