Friday, 1 October 2010

Happy October!

I can't believe it's the 1st of October today. That seems insane to me. This year has gone so fast it's really not funny at all. Although the good thing about October is that Halloween comes at the end of the month *yay*. I love dressing up. Last year I dressed up as a cat and Tinkerbell the year before. I'm not sure what I'm going to do this year though...
I need ideas!!! Maybe I'll just be a cat again. I ♥ Cats. I'm going to be a crazy cat lady when I'm older, for sure.
Halloween 2008

Halloween 2009

I nearly choked in my Psychology lecture this morning. We were doing "essay practice". She gave us two essays to mark, then gave us a marking scheme and told us to re-mark them. One was pretty crap, and one seemed very good. For some reason when it was time for her to tell us the marks she actually gave them, she turned into this crazy schizophrenic lady who hated all students. Usually she's really nice. She gave the first one a 5/20, and said she was being generous, which was totally mad, because 5 was the bare pass mark. The second essay, which everyone graded really highly, she gave an 11, again saying it was a generous mark. 11 scrapes you into honours. I'm am hoping and praying that she was either PMSing today or she's trying to scare us into working harder. It's only the end of the first week for goodness sake.
I am freaking out.

Judging by what's going on outside the window I'm pretty sure that whoever came up with Global Warming was talking a load of bollocks. Why won't it stop raining?!

My car is going in for a second MOT on Monday. My parents have agreed to pay up to £600 - let's just hope that KwikFit can make it a cheaper job. *crosses fingers* Otherwise, poor Flora is going to end up being sold for a measly number of pounds on Ebay. Yes, Ebay. :'( Wahhahha.

I'm pretty sure it's Ciaran's 20th Birthday party tonight. I'm so exhausted from this week though, I'm not even sure if I can rustle up the energy to go. Plus, no one wants to get all dressed up to get piss wet through and freeze to death. Hypothermia much?

If you remember from my post a while back - Saturday - which I described the many TV shows that would be up and coming at the end of last month. If you haven't seen any of this season of the Inbetweeners, you need to get on it. It's crazy funny and I've noticed people have started to use the word "Clunge" all over again :D. I'm also a massive Gleek and this season has totally amped up the cheese factor. It's so indulgent, you just can't help to love it. Join the Gleek revolution :)

Pickle ♥

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