Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Is it snowing?!

Today was strange. Lots of uninteresting little tidbits that I'm going to bore you all to death about anyway.

Firstly, I cannot take anything that one of my SD lecturers says seriously after today.
I quote: "It's about time we started charging people for things like food, water and air - people take these amenities for granted and don't realise that they don't come free"
Is he for real???
I'm pretty sure we pay for food. Unless I should just march straight back to Morrisons and tell them I'd like to have my money back for all the groceries I just bought, because apparently, every one else is getting theirs for free.
I'm also pretty sure we pay for water too. Well, actually, I don't pay for water because students are council tax exempt. But, that's not the point. We pay for water.
AND AIR???? He must have been having a bad day. Air. Honestly. And what about the poor homeless people who can't afford the air they breathe? Are we just going to suffocate them with the plastic bag they probably use as a pillow??? How could you even measure how much air a person uses? Eugh.

Immediately after this lecture we're scheduled for 3 whole life consuming hours of statistics in psyhcology. Wow right. Luckily today was only an hour because we have to write a lab report on the association between fear, uglyness and harmfulness of animals. It sounds pretty crap but its relatively interesting :) So he's this really cute little man who barely speaks English and clearly doesn't have a clue what he's doing, there has to be a postgrad sat in on the class to make sure he teaches us right O.o So he basically tells us that nothing a lab report really matters except the stats, even though they've been drilling in to us for a whole year that all parts of a lab report have to be done to the highest standard. Then he admits that he is actually posting articles on our resource system that he isn't technically allowed to. He puts his hands in the air and says "I think it's not allowed, please don't report me!" In what I think might be a Belgian accent in broken English, it sounded hilarious and had us all in fits of laughter.
Yah boring so anyway...

I'm a bit sad right now because my super super cute jumper has suddenly started coming apart at the seam, I'm not sure how to sew the arm bit without making a bit fat mess so I think I'll have to wait until my little sister comes to visit at the end of the month (so excited!) to fix it :( She's a total wiz when it comes to textiles.

Also, I've been a bit naughty and been buying crap online since I got my student loan. One of those things is a really cool colouring book. It's a book of paisley designs and they're all really pretty and it gives me something to do when I'm bored and is a great de-stress :) It's published by a company called Dover and they make their colouring books out of sustainable forests and methods and have a bunch of cool figures on the inside cover about how much water, emissions and wood they've saved so far. Pretty sweet. :)

Anyway I'm hungry so I'm going to scoot. Will upload photos to this blog when the uploader lets the moment it's telling me that I don't have a license to post my photos... weird. Chrome is broken :(

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