Friday, 15 October 2010


Wow, last night was a mess. Went to Catch to see Jakwob with the girls. One bottle of white wine and maybe four sambuca shots. I was still drunk at 11am. I think I drunkenly agreed to get my belly button pierced, to dye my hair brown and I have literally no recollection of how I got home. Feeling lovely and rough :)
If you haven't heard of Jakwob you can catch his awesomeness here...

Received lots of compliments last night which was kind of unexpected and really nice, but everyone looked gorge. Shamefully I was, I quote:
"epically trashed"
so I didn't get around to taking any photos :( Boohoo. Oh well, it's the Bongo Ball on the 29th, then Halloween of course and my sister is coming to stay soon (oh my!!!). Going to be plenty of photo opportunities, St Andrews is such a fun place to take photos. Eliza Doolittle is coming to town soon too, I'm playing around the idea of going to see her, I find her sound really chilled. I didn't like her songs the first time I heard them, but it's seriously grown on me.

So, kind of a cool thing I was waiting for Tony in the kitchen before we left, just kind of staring at nothing and I noticed that on the door (the part you can't see when it's shut) was some writing. I looked closer and it says:


Yeah, mummy was spelled wrong hehe. So, it's obviously some kids height chart, but there's no date on it which is kind of sad since the house is Victorian it could actually be really old. And the Dad was like seriously tiny. I think his line was at my eye level and I'm only about 5'6". I keep imagining this short little roly poly man with a bald head :) I'll try and pop a picture up when I feel fit to move...

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