Thursday, 28 October 2010


Oh my, totally forgot to mention that the bastardo chemistry man also decided that he was going to split the class into little groups and make them do a presentation for next Thursday. He says he will email us our groups "sometime soon". As of 5 minutes ago, still no email. He's kind of asking a lot, not only do we not get to choose the groups we're in, but he's expecting about 6 or 7 people to all find time to meet up in the week and make a shitty 5 minute presentation on something like wind power or solar power (a bit like we did in bloody high school) and have it all ready to present by next week. Short notice much? Total k**bhead. I think he also expects us to do the "presentation" as a list of facts written on one sheet of paper to put on the OHP and talk about. I'm sure he said something about acetate too. Why is he so gay?

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