Monday, 25 October 2010

Sistuuur :)

Hannah comes tomorrow and I am soooooooo ridiculously excited! It's also Tommy's birthday tomorrow night, so there's a potential we might go out. Hannah's only 17 though which kind of sucks a bit. Stewart offered to lend her an ID he has. But the girl who it belongs to is 22.... Im not sure Han can pass herself off as 22 and I'm not entirely comfortable about using someone else's ID. In fact, that's an understatement. I'm pretty sure I won't be using it. There's just no point in dealing with the consequences, it's not quite worth it. I think we'll go and see The Social Network instead. I've heard it's fabulous! Leave the partying to the boys. Still trying to get her a ticket to the Bongo Ball too, got a few people looking out for me, but it's almost impossible. They sold out of tickets in about 4 hours, everyone wants to go, so many people miss out every year and we were lucky enough to get a ticket. Luckily, I think Han's best friend Sophie is also (strangely and coincidentally) here with her parents this week so maybe I can get her to come and stay on Friday. *crossed fingers*

I think on my wishlist for Christmas is the new Lumix camera. It has all of the functions of an SLR but is smaller and cheaper. It's like the dream I've been waiting for. I've always wanted an SLR but they're so big and clunky and heavy to carry around and so expensive, I'd probably break it and just get mad. I've been praying for something like this for so long, it's still a bit pricey, at around £200 (definitely one for the christmas list) but it's still nothing compared to a decent SLR. :D It's probably a waste of money though to be honest, my photography skills suck ballzzz....

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