Thursday, 28 October 2010


Yes, yes, it's super swish having my sister here this week. I've been so busy I'm almost falling asleep at half nine every night so far. Picked her up tuesday and didn't do much that night. Had the day from hell on Wednesday (as usual). Had a lecture with this guy from Chemistry who obviously thinks all SD students are totally brain dead. He felt it was necessary to explain to us what oil was - "a thick, black, viscous liquid" Duhhh ya think?? Then he explained what a boiler was, what a turbine was and what stationary meant and bored us all half to death with his insufferable droning voice. Grrrreat. Then I took my sister for a whistle stop tour around St Andrews, I'm pretty pleased I managed to cover about everything in just under an hour and made it home because it started throwing the sea from the sky. Um Thursday, Thursday, oh right that's today (see I'm sleepy). I took my sister for a wander around town to do some shopping and then we headed off to Dundee to go dress and shoe shopping. I found nothing as per usual so I just bought a pair of shoes for the hell of it and to make me feel better for failing at finding clothes, my sister on the other hand managed to get herself a lovely outfit for the ball tomorrow and a pair of shoes! :(

BONGO BALL IS TOMORROW. I am so excited. Not pleased about my outfit, it's a little bit on the casual side for a ball. It fits the African part of the theming because it has animal print, just not really the black tie part :/ Bah.

Think I might have to give Halloween a miss this year too :( Everyone is going out around town or to specific parties at bars - basically Catch. Since Han is only 17 I can't. Boo. Maybe just go to the cinema and join all the other bums thats aren't celebrating this yearly excuse to get wasted looking like a wanker.  I've gone out with a total bang the previous two years and I'm so gutted I have to miss it this year. If I do manage to sort something I think it's going to have to be a revival of the cat costume because I have no other ideas. I tried on a red dress with white spots today that I could have worn with my Minnie Mouse ears. It would have been perfect if it didn't basically expose most of my chest to the world. Classy.


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