Saturday, 20 November 2010

A Guide For: Children

Academic Kids
Raisin Weekend is one of the St Andrews' traditions which makes studying in this town so special. The vast majority of Freshers have an amazing weekend which they will remember forever.
However, it goes without saying that it's not worth overdoing it for one weekend if it's going to affect the rest of your time here. Don't drink more than you want to, or doing anything illegal - even if your parents say its ok! Older doesn't always equal wiser.
We don't want you to leave with a record (other than an academic one!) and spending your first Raisin Weekend in hospital or throwing up over Student Support Services staff is pretty embarrassing, and means you will miss out on the Monday morning festivities.
Things to remember...
- At your mother’s tea party on Raisin Sunday, your academic mother will give you a Raisin string, and you should give her a gift (usually a bottle of wine or if feeling traditional a pound of raisins) in return. You should give your academic father a bottle of wine, and in return you will get a Raisin receipt.
- Your mother will dress you up in a fancy dress outfit for the foam fight- St Andrews is freezing at this time of year, so make sure you are warm enough!
- Remember to get your shaving foam early as everywhere in town rapidly sells out as Raisin weekend approaches!
- Your father’s Raisin receipt, which you will pick up from his house and have to take to the quad before the foam fight on the Monday morning will probably be large and cumbersome - this is all in the spirit of things, but remember, don’t get involved if anyone’s property has been nicked or vandalised. It isn’t very clever, and you will get into trouble.
- Have a great time- but know your limits! Don’t end up too sick to enjoy the rest of the weekend, and don’t end up in a position where you or your academic parents are disciplined by the University or have to spend the night at the police station..
The most important thing is - enjoy yourself!
Above is an extract taken from the students union website. It definitely explains raisin a lot better than I did!
A quick glossary here for you:
Raisin String - a sort of necklace, made by your academic mum, supposed to symbolise something unique and funny about you. It is to be worn on top of your robe at graduation.
Why Raisins? - I think, back when the tradition began, raisins were quite a luxury item and so giving a pound of raisins to your academic parents was a real treat. Now kids just give them a bottle of wine. Oh, how times have changed...
Raisin Receipt - Usually something really large and obnoxious. Your father gives it to you and you and your siblings have to carry it all the way to the Quad, where the foam fight is, and throw it in a large skip with all of the other raisin receipts. It's sort of a gift in order to gain entry into the foam fight. Examples of receipts I've seen in previous years: a very old and heavy wooden dinghy, an old porcelain toilet, a block of ice and a sofa.

Loads of people end up in hospital, despite the warnings. Loads of people end up getting in trouble with the police. I bet they make so much money this weekend fining people for peeing on churches, drinking in public, being drunk and disorderly. I think someone I know went through the centre of town running on the tops of peoples cars last year. Loads of people steal things too. People seem to love to get drunk and steal things on raisin weekend. 

I sincerely feel sorry for any unknowing tourists that decide to plan their winter weekend break in St Andrews for this weekend. Town is going to be full of drunk morons, screaming students and LOTS of puke all over the floor...

Anyway I just got back from the new H&M, it was a little bit disappointing but I managed to get a nice warm jumper for sticking on in the house and a cute bambi tshirt.

Cuuuuute huh!

It's Tony and my 19 month anniversary today, so we're going for a meal with our good friends at 7.30pm at an amazing little restaurant called Ziggy's. It's really chilled out and they serve the most amazing steaks. I am so excited. It's so lucky that both of our good friends are together. Means for great double dates haha.
Wahh H&M online is amazing. I want to buy it all!!!! I only put 6 items in my shopping cart and it's already come to £125. Why, why, why, why do clothes have to be so expensive! Wahhhhh. it makes me sad. maybe I'll just choose one and treat myself.

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