Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hahahhaha. I just had the most hilarious lecture. I'm so glad I woke up at a reasonable hour today.
We were learning about subliminal messages. Apparently, this really does have something to do with Psychology and cognition, although I don't see how it is completely relevant.
So we listened to Queen - Another one bites the dust. First forwards and then backwards. Do you hear a subliminal message?

Hahahahahahahhaha. Yes, this is what we did for an hour. And listen to extracts from the Jabberwocky backwards. I might be a bit backwards myself because I have no clue what the hell Jabberwocky is???? Should I know it?

We have house inspection tomorrow at 2pm. Which is poop because it means that we have to clean like mad people today. Estate agents expect student to live like domestic gods/goddesses....

Nigella Lawson is NOT a domestic goddess OK!?! (I don't really like her and I don't have a good reason) Also, you cannot be a self-proclaimed domestic goddess. For me, it doesn't work like that.

I'm rambling. It's early.

So in my lecture I could have sworn on many lives that I saw Beth. TWICE. I think I might be hallucinating because I woke up so early. I had to stop myself from running up and hugging on of the girls. Seriously weird. Especially since she's around 200 miles away in Liverpool and would not, for any reason be sat in my lecture.

My car is dead. Still. No one is around to rescue poor Flora. It's supposed to snow today too. Do cars just stop working if the battery is dead for ages and it's really cold? I hope not, because the thought of going home for Christmas on the train is making me sick. I'm going to go and ask Yahoo Answers. They are being my saviour right now.

Did I mention that IT IS SUPPOSED TO SNOW TODAY???? :D
I hope it does.

I also have a horrendous pile of work that needs to be done. Let's examine...
1st Dec - SD Presentation (at the horrific hour of 9am I might add)
6th        - Poster (based on presentation) due for printing
6th        - Position paper for tutorial (whatever the hell a position paper is!)
10th      - SD essay due
14th      - Must stand like morons for 3 hours and have some unknowns come round and judge our poster and possibly probably ask us obnoxious questions.
15th      - Do same thing again for another 3 hours EXCEPT that we also have a statistics test for Psych at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. Do university departments not communicate???? Are we still in the Dark Ages?
Anytime thereafter, I am completely free to leave home for Christmas (if I don't mind missing a few classes - which obviously, I don't)

I think that's enough. I'll probably be back with more complaints later. Maybe something funny if you're lucky! :D

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