Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hmn, so today I woke up bright and early with the FULL intention of going to my classes today and having a really productive day. But no, life comes round and bites me on the ass for being motivated and optimistic. Thank you. I even went to the extent of getting ready to within an inch of being able to leave. 5 seconds prior to this point I began to develop the most sudden and most painful headache I've ever had. To add to the annoyance it was just behind one of my eyes, just one. I tried to convince myself that I'd just take some painkillers and it would be fine in a half hour but there was no way I could sit for half an hour in class feeling like that. So I went back to bed. Great (heavy sarcasm).

Ah well, it eventually subsided and I was able to get a bit of work done afterall :) I did get to watch Gino on Daily Cooks Challenge. One of the only daytime TV shows I can stand! Also Gino! See...
This was TWO whole years ago now, I can't believe it. I feel old and I'm pretty confident that I'm taller too. Not that it's a bad thing. Not that it's a good thing either because I'm not sure I grew right. I think everything just stretched more. Im sure my face is more elongated than it was. Wow, I can talk some serious shit.

Mmmm, prawn cocktail Pringles.

I digress.

This weekend there is going to be an outdoor ice rink in St Mary's Quad. I am very excited. If I get enough work done I can award myself with a little ice skating :) How romantic. Especially now all of the Christmas light are up, this time of year is my favourite in St Andrews, it looks like something straight out of a storybook.

Tony decided that since I had a massive headache today, it must mean that I have a huge brain. This is so rubbish, unless my brain is a little bit of a bitch and refuses to use more than 10% of brainpower available. Bleh, all this work is going to my head.

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