Monday, 22 November 2010

I took part in the Raisin festivities after all. Today I am paying for it a little. So tired, so dehydrated and something of a cold coming. At least we had no classes today since it was the foam fight this morning.
I managed to spotlessly clean the bathroom and spare room yesterday and made a start on the living room intending to follow suit. But about half 4 or so I was harassed to go out and do some drinking. So I obliged. :)

So I got myself ready and met Tony outside of the Raisin to go to Tom's house party. I walked in to Tom dancing on the table with no shirt and no shoes, but he was crouched over all funny since the ceiling was too low. Everyone else was really rather drunk already and I apparently was to catch up on what I had missed. I was forced to down a full tumbler of wine to start with, that was pretty horrific, but I was assured that "although it may make you feel sick now, you'll feel better afterwards, trust me" ohhhhh dear. Needless to say one bottle of wine was gone quicker than you can imagine and I was on to the next.

A new noodle bar in town has opened up called Dr Noodles. I think it might be a chain. WOW, the noodles are good. We ventured out yesterday semi - drunk to go buy us some yummy noodles. I had sweet chili chicken. Yaaaaammmy. Even though a very "rah", very drunk girl called Ellie stole my noodles and ate the remainder, I was not pleased about this at all.

The night wasn't so eventful otherwise, met a lot of new people, a lot of which I probably won't ever talk to again but never mind. Oh and I might possibly have secured myself a job at bar Catch. I just need to ask Tom is his drunken ramblings were actually true, or just plain drunken ramblings... I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

When it got to about 10 or so we decided to grab a pizza and head back to ours to watch some TV and chill. Only Bri, Gigs, Max and Rach came with us. Seb joined us a bit later and he brought a friend with him, his Russian half-sister, I think he said. Though I don't know if it was his real half sister or his academic half sister.
She spoke to him in Russian and we all looked a little confused. Then Seb explained that she speaks no English. So she smiled and said something that seemed aimed at us. The looks on all of our faces must have been pretty embarrassing for her. We all looked utterly confused, awkwardly embarrassed because not a single one of us knew how to deal with the situation, quite clearly. Now, in hindsight I'm not sure if it was maybe a VERY bad and VERY awkward joke, but she proceeded to speak to Max in completely fluent English. She was using vocab I've never heard of. It was ridiculous. Worst awkward situation I've ever been in by far.

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