Saturday, 27 November 2010

I turn on the TV and who should I see but Nigella Lawson and her stupid massive mountain boobs. Luckily it was near the end of the show though. She served her food, everyone is happy, lardidar, then she gets into a black silk nighty opens the fridge to one lone piece of cake, throws raspberries next to the cake (whilst still in the fridge) then takes it out and eats it in a very sexual manner before the show ends.

She irritates me a lot.

Oh wow, now Ed Milliband is on TV. What is wrong with you BBC. Isn't it funny that Labour argue BLINDLY for so long that they are right and their policies shine through all of the rest and now here's Mr Ed preaching to the labour party about change. ERM I'm sorry, I think that was the Conservatives campaign idea, oh and if you didn't notice, THEY ALREADY WON. Morons.

It snowed a little bit overnight which is lovely, my illness manifested itself over night, which is not lovely. Is it just me or has snow come REALLY early this year? Or do I just have a shitty memory?

OH! I solved the car issue! My dad bought me a rechargeable engine starter, which is currently on charge now. Let's keep fingers crossed that it works :/

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