Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I am very pleased! Very, very pleased. It's so pretty.
I wish I didn't leave my camera cable. Wahhh.

Tony thinks he is the weather god because just as he lit his cigarette the first flake fell from the sky. I think he is silly. I don't believe anyone can be poetic about snow and cigs at the same time either.
I want to go and play in the snow.

Day off tomorrow so if I wake up to an outside blanket of loveliness, I will definitely take some lovely photos. Maybe somehow, awkwardly angle my mac out of the window so I can photobooth it :D

It's really snowing now. I tried the photobooth thing. Massive error. I deleted it immediately by accident or I would have showed you. It was basically  reflection of my screen in the window glass, a street light and some blur that looks more like window muck than snow. *grump*

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