Wednesday, 3 November 2010


(almost 7pm) We're cooking meatballs!! Made from scratch, and a totally made up recipe too. I'll let you know how they turn out!! :D *stomach grumbles*

(still almost 7pm) By the way, I was dis-a-ppointed (said with stress!) to wander into the Fat Face store today only to find that they are no longer selling travelogues. If you dont know what that is, it's like this really cool little journal book thing for writing in your travel stories, or basically whatever you want. I've been using it as a kind of scrapbook-diary of various photos and tickets to the main events and occasions that have occurred over the past few years. It begins with first year and is pretty much almost filled now, but I'm not sure exactly where it will end at because I'm not up to date with it at the moment. Need lots of photos printed which requires a lot of printer ink and expensive photo paper :( Poor students bank balance doesn't thank me for this, as I realised last year.

(7pm) News from the kitchen is that the meatballs have now melted and turned into something that looks a lot like an army of little termite mounds... (I'd just like to point out that "I can't be bothered to deep fry them" is not something you should ever let through your mind when making meatballs.)

Today was the least stressful "hump" day of any so far. No three hour lab today! Got that ridiculous tidal power presentation tomorrow though and not a single person in the group has been in contact about who is doing what. I think they're all going in expecting to "just blag it" but I'm no good at standing up infront of people and speaking when I know exactly what I'm supposed to be saying, never mind when I don't even have a clue. Sucks to be in a group with six big personalities when you're the quiet one. Boohoo.

I was disappointed twice today actually. Starbucks disappointed me with their broken card reader and then I severely disappointed myself when I realised I didn't have my card, or any cash anyway. What a fool. I had to scrabble together some coins lurking in the bottom of my bag. Slightly puzzled as to when they start making the lovely wintery drinks with cinnamon, hazelnut, cherry and gingerbread. I thought they would have them already, seeing as Morissons was playing Christmas music and IT'S ONLY JUST NOVEMBER!!!!

Meatballs are ready! Woohoo I'm starving. They taste delicious by the way and they actually don't really look much different from what you'd expect of a respectful, upstanding meatball of society. Ha.

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  1. you deep fry your meatballs???? oh dear... think I know what recipe I'm putting on my blog next :P


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