Monday, 15 November 2010

My Bad...

It's been well over a week since my last post and I have absolutely no reason why it should have taken me so long. I'm having one of those weeks where I seem to be so busy but I'm not really actually doing anything specific or remotely useful and it really sucks.

Amsterdam was so much fun. I have what is basically a mini series of events to share, unfortunately no photos because I left my cable at home over reading week :( That means no more photos until at least December 20th. Pretty annoyed at myself for that too.

Oops, gotta go grocery shopping... *to be continued*

...Two hours later and I'm full of a lovely meal and the fridges have gone from being totally empty to bursting at the seams. I say fridges, plural, because for some weird reason we have two.

So, Amsterdam. Okay. We arrived on Sunday at around 5pm, the airport is very cool, lots of art hanging from the ceiling. We caught the most incredibly luxurious three storey train into the town. This was nothing out of the ordinary though, all of the trains are like that. Britain has some serious catching up to do. Then we wandered down what we thought might be the street our hotel was on until we came upon it quite out of luck! Our bed was big enough to fit three pillows in a line which is ridiculous. Travelling off season has its perks for sure. We got settled in our room, headed out for some world famous chips with sauce and nipped into a coffee shop for a little bit of space cake :) Monday we walked around the city, down all the little side streets, took a stroll down the red light district, which I found really awkward! We popped into the Sex Museum which scarred me for life, not only because everything was so graphic but because on the way out a giant plastic bum with eyes made a very loud and startling noise and blinked at me. I jumped so high I nearly fell down the stairs. Tony was doubled over with laughter because, of course, he knew it was going to happen and had planned our way out specifically! We also visited the hemp and marijuana museum, it was really interesting to see all the different uses of hemp. It's like miracle material! Next we popped into the marijuana college to see all of the latest research into its uses, that was kind of interesting too :) That took up pretty much all of the day, with a few stops in coffee shops along the way of course. Food is extremely expensive in Amsterdam, so I ended up paying over €20 for a 200g steak and some plain rice. Ridiculous. Tuesday was just as freezing cold as it had been the past two days, expect that it was raining too. We headed over to the zoo, in the rain. Our first trip on the tram was very cool, they have a super efficient system with little swiping machines as you enter and leave the carriage. The zoo was way out of town, and although the weather wasn't fantastic we still had great time. I pissed off an ocelot, frightened a meerkat, got pounced on by a lemur (which are left to run wild in this zoo - have a relatively amusing but badly shot video of this) and had a butterfly land on me in the butterfly house. The last one was cool. The rest not so much. I do have pictures of most of these things, wish I could show you! :( After the zoo we went to a really cool interactive science museum called NEMO which is shaped like a giant half sunken ship. We spent hours and hours in there playing with all sort of cool things, and just generally being big kids. Felt kind of special in there too, a machine told me (after I entered some of my personal traits like hair colour, what my fingerprint shape is) that I was 0.009% similar to all other visitors that had used that machine in the last week. Wahoo :) That night we found a relatively inexpensive Italian bistro with waiters and waitresses that were from what sounded like London so their English was not broken and mixed up with Dutch words like all others I'd encountered. The food was delightful and I had the most amazing red wine. Never in my wine drinking days have I ever found a bottle of red wine that didn't taste horrid or give me a massive headache within ten minutes. This wine was sweet and without the horrible alcohol after taste. Mmmm I wish I'd taken down the name. I guess I need to stop buying £4 bottles of wine from Tesco....  Wednesday consisted of just souvenir shopping and hanging around till it was time for us to catch the train back to the airport.

Been back in the bubble since Saturday. Tony wanted to come back a day early so he could spend the whole of Sunday playing Fall Out: New Vegas and trying to beat it. Although this game just goes on forever, but I have to tell you it is a really awesome game.

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