Friday, 26 November 2010

Someone upstairs (not literally) hates me right now.
I feel like I've been fighting a ridiculous battle with a cold all week.
I start to get a headache, that feels like it could be a bit more than just a headache, I get ill so often I have a sixth sense for it. I take some cold and flu pills, squirt some first defence and rub some Vicks under my nose. I couldn't wear more illness armour if I tried! Then I drink orange juice just to be triple, double sure.
*Miracle* I wake up the next day no longer feeling like death is coming.
Then BAM, day after, FEEL WORSE THAT EVER. Wah. How is this fair. This time, I add strepsils to the list of armour. But no, it just get worse. So I am feeling sorry for myself now, sulky, sulky. Plus, Tony leaves me to go see his friends. Of course, he can go see his friends, he hasn't seen them in a few days anyway because we have been *working* so hard. But, when I am sick, I'm going to sulk that he left me anyway. I just feel like acting as miserable as I feel.

It's hailing or raining or snowing outside. OH SHIT THE WINDOW IS OPEN.
The carpet is wet. My notes are wet (I like to work by the window) Bahhhh.
I think the hail is coming down the chimney too. It keeps bouncing out onto the hearth. Weird.
It was snowing beautifully earlier with the snow slowly spiralling and wisping down from the sky, so pretty. Then baaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it starts to rain sideways. Ack.
It added to my misery earlier that I couldn't be out in the pretty snow too, but now I am all baahahahaha because Tony has to walk home in the rain. I don't mean it of course, I feel so bad that he has to be outside in this. I don't want him to get sick too :( Oh god, now I'm worried that he's going to be miserable and wet all the way home.

I'm going to make a cup of tea, maybe then I will cheer up?

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