Saturday, 20 November 2010

This weekend is Raisin weekend. How do I explain Raisin weekend? Okay so academic parents get their academic kids drunk to the point of almost needing their stomach pumped. Basically. If you're in third year it is "Raisin Revenge" so you are allowed to get your own back on your parents. So everyone is shamefully drunk from Friday to Monday pretty much, it's just carnage. The on Sunday parents have to give their kids stupid things to do around town.
For example:
Parents make their kids go out in their underwear with a list of 20 random and obscure things to obtain either by buying, borrowing or stealing. Whilst blind drunk I might add. Very funny. Then at the earliest time on Monday morning, which is sort of a St Andrews bank holiday especially, all the freshers go into St Sallies Quad in stupid fancy dress otufits and laden with as many bottles of shaving foam as they can carry and then have the hugest foam fight in history. It has to be in competition for the title of weirdest tradition in the world.

Since I got so drunk in my first and second year alcohol to me now is a bit like garlic to a vampire. So I don't know what I'm doing this weekend.
Going for a lovely meal with Bri and Gigs tonight and then I suppose I'll have to join in with getting revenge on Gigs tomorrow. Oh yeah but theres that mountain of work I have to do.... :(

I'm getting abused to go shopping... Tony never never wants to go shopping, looks like I've gotta run! :)

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