Monday, 29 November 2010

***Warning*** Super long post imminent! I realised literally a second ago that my computer has an SD card reader in the side so I can finally get the photos of Amsterdam AND of todays super blizzard here :D


Pretty clouds....

Like Santa's grotto

Omigosh! Groceries in a paper bag!!

Cool UV wallpaintings in Cafe Route 99

Tower of Turtle!!

Arghhh! Cutest animals EVER!



Tony and the floating Chinese Restaurant

So, yeah that was Amsterdam and now *bom bom bom*
Pretty pictures of St Andrews in the snow!!

The beach covered in snow!!

Tony :)

...aaaand me :)

My carrrrr is working :) Wahooo. 
Also, big news, we discovered the identity of the Satycabra monster...
*drum roll*
Yep that's right. A bloody bunny. The prints were two feet and a bobbly tail print. Don't I feel like a dork?

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