Saturday, 18 December 2010

Argh I promised LJOTDs but no such luck, haven't really had a moment. I was up at 6am ok, I'm falling asleep and I can't be bothered to go and find the calendar yet :/

What I do have though is some lovely snow photos for your viewing pleasure...

Pretty right?
Sorry they're just all trees, I didn't want to take photos of the view out front because the snow had all been ruined already with footprints and cars. Rubbish.

Took an impromptu walk into town with my mum and ended up getting a bargain hair cut.
Usually I go to Tony & Guy, assuming they will do a high end job, but paying nearly 50 pounds (insane!) Today I was pleasantly surprised to have my hair done in the market with my sisters friends mum and only paid 20. I really can't believe it. 

I had a lovely trim, the back shaped a bit, lots of layers (some quite short) and had the front reshaped a bit. She put moose in and scrunched it and used a diffuser on it so I left looking a bit like Farah Fawcett, but it looks a lot better now it's settled. I took some ridiculous photos when I got home :/ Can't believe I'm even posting these horrible photos...

 Wahaha I look miserable!

Annnnd one horrific, lame cam-whoring shot with sunglasses indoors like a fool!

I'd just like to clarify that I took the last shot because all of the front-on photos I took looked horrendous without me even trying. I have bags the size of Russia under my eyes due to the 6am wake up. I wasn't sure the deer in headlights look really worked either. Since I looked so gross without the pouting, glasses and editing I figured I may as well post a picture intending to make a fool of myself. Rather than doing it without the effort. 

There you go.

Goodnight world.

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