Monday, 13 December 2010

Dexter finale was not as good as the last season. :( No cliffhanger, no crazy scandal. Just everything tied up nicely. It was still freaking awesome though and there was some serious "ohmygodhe'sgoingtogetcaught" moments. And the very final frame of the episode is a close up of Dexie's face and it's only of those terrifying evil genius faces that burns an imprint into the back of your skull. Just enough to keep me hanging on for next season. :)

I am the best girlfriend in the word by the way! Bahaha. I like to make little crafty gifts to give to Tony, like last Christmas I made this cute book of photos that was tied together with red sparkly ribbons. Loverly. This year I decided to make my own advent calendar. We're sharing the chocolate one, and of course he cannot take it home, so I get to eat all the chocs after he's gone :P so I made him one out of paper that he can take home. I spent about two hours making the page with all the doors and then another two making the page underneath where the photos go. Then it took me over an our to cut out all of the doors as neatly as I could and stick the two pages together successfully. It was a bit of a nightmare but it looks cute as hell and now everyday he can tear off a door and find a lovely picture of us behind it. I'm so cheesy and romantic :D

LJOTD time! WOO.

What did baby corn say to mummy corn?
Where's popcorn?!

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