Wednesday, 1 December 2010


...and it's still snowing. I got a lovely little chocolate snowman in my advent calendar this morning which I ever so kindly shared with Tony :) They are just pure chocolate shapes inside by the way, not malteser-y at all, but the chocolate is good. Since I didn't think to get a little picture of the cute little snowman I will have to tell you the cute jokes that are printed on the inside of each door. Everyday in December I'll post it at the bottom :)

Our presentation was this morning. We set off at the horrific time of 8.30am to get to the other side of town. It was almost -2 degrees and still snowing. We spent half an hour of the class trying to make the PC and projector work (macs are better wahaha) and when a technician finally came with a fresh, working computer we got to present. It seemed like everyone was interested enough, which is always pleasing, although I was crazy nervous, I was shaking so much at first that I had to catch my breath to get my words out properly. Not a good feeling but once I was in the swing of things it seemed to go well. We had the awkward silence at the end that we've come to expect after every presentation, where no one has any questions to ask during the designated "question time". So glad it's over and done with now, seems like a huge weight off my shoulders. Now we have to make an A1 poster based on the presentation, that's due on Monday so back with nose to grindstone tomorrow. Poop.

Time for a spectacular three hour Psychology lab. I'm going to fall asleep :/

What do you get if you cross a snowman and a shark?
Frost Bite!

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