Sunday, 19 December 2010

I am not going to give spoilers as to who won the Apprentice final, but OH MY GOODNESS Stella was a total BITCH in the boardroom!!!

Also, watching "You're Hired" afterwards made me come up with a theory.

Maybe all comedians are secretly Vampires...
It's the perfect disguise. Vampires aren't very funny. But they are very good at whatever they do - hence being good at being funny. Right.

What seals the deal...THEY HAVE FANGS!
Exhibit A: Dara O'Briain
Can sort of see them here, but what makes me theory even more likely is that if you search his name in google images it is almost impossible to find a photo of him smiling with teeth :O

Exhibit B: Jack Dee
Okay... I actually can't find a photo of Jack Dee smiling with his teeth out.

Suspicious right?

Wahaha, this is just a silly joke, but let's be serious. They're both bloody good comedians eh :)

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