Monday, 13 December 2010

I plucked up the courage to make myself a dental appointment. Eurgh. The practice is behind a restaurant and for some obscure reason the alleyway that leads to it was closed today. So I had to walk through the restaurant and out of the rear fire exit, which was a little bit awkward.

I've never been scared of dentists before because (as far as I was aware) I'd never had anything wrong with my teeth and I was pretty proud of that. Every time I went to the dentist he'd tell me that my teeth looked great and I'd not have to see him again for another 6 months. Fab, right? :)

This happened again last time I went to the dentist (in summer). I don't see how it is possible that between summer and now, things could have got so yuck. I still brush my teeth vigorously twice a day, I avoid drinking Coke because it makes my skin bad and teeth feel funny and I don't eat as much chocolate or sweets as I used to. What am I doing wrong???

So I'm lying on the chair, and the lovely female dentist has kindly placed a poster of a beach on the ceiling, which definitely helped to take my mind off of what was to come. She starts spouting out all of these obscure and foreign sounding words to her assistant nurse, while she pokes that mirror thing around in my mouth. Then she starts saying something about "filling here, filling there", as far as both my mum and I knew, I'd never had a filling in my life. Dentist lady thinks I have four. I know exactly what she meant, I had these things put in when I was around 8 years old that the dentist called "protective caps" or something. I don't know, but he obviously lied through his pearly whites because he made a fucking mess.

Turns out I have to have four fillings. FOUR. What the hell happened to my perfect teeth?? Three of them are very, very small and will take just minutes to do. One is the tooth that already broke apart. It's one of the teeth that my childhood dentist supposedly "protected". Whatever he did, he trapped some nasties underneath it and now I have this huge old filling in there, that is so big I've barely got any tooth around it. I really don't know how any of this happened. Maybe some tooth vandal came while I was sleeping one night??? I think she mentioned something about screws and god knows what else. All I know is that it's going to be painful and I'm probably going to cry. Now I know why people are scared of the dentist....

ARGH, I hate all of this bad tooth talk, it makes me feel like I'm really unhygienic, which is quite untrue. :( I am sad.

On a happier note (sort of), we went to the pet store today. They had two adorable rabbits and three guinea pigs. I want an animal SO bad. They're getting hamsters later in the week and they are only SEVEN POUNDS. It's going to be very, very tough for me to stay away. That's so cheap...
I really want a Chinchilla though, or a ferret of course. Still undecided. Not that it matters anyway because we aren't allowed pets in the flat. Wahhhhhhh :(
*See I can be girly. This guy is sooooooo cute. AAAAH Cute overload! :D

Okay, um, going to watch the Dexter FINALE. Later you will be treated to my thoughts and of course the LJOTD (Lame Joke of the Day!)

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