Tuesday, 7 December 2010

IT'S MINUS BLOODY 5 OUTSIDE. That's not including windchill.

My dad worried me last night, saying if I hadn't been running my old beautiful Flora for a little bit every week then the battery could freeze and the engine would just cough and die. So I panicked and as soon as class was done this morning I bolted out to try and make an impact on the snow drift that had my car underneath. I spent at least ten minutes just trying to get into the doors because they were all frozen shut, when some kindly old man told me I'd probably have better luck with a bucket of hot water.

AND THEN he whipped out one of those bloody stickers and stuck it on a car nearby. It was one of those hideous minis with a big bum. I think it looks a bit like a hearse. I was incredulous with the old man! He did it so proudly. I think he saw my scathing looks, I feel a bit bad because he was a cute old man.

So we went back up to get the hot water filled mop bucket :) It took about 40 minutes in total until the car was clear and we could finally leave! Then I got bit stuck trying to turn around and Tony had to get out and push the front end of the car out of the nice groove I'd just made spinning my wheels :/. It was a bit of a nightmare.

Eek going shopping with Bri, will finish blogging later and I promise there will be a the two super lame advent calendar jokes at the end of the next post ;)

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