Saturday, 11 December 2010

I've noticed over the past few days that the number of hits I'm getting is creeping up. While 5+ unique hits a day is nothing to shout about, it's definitely something for me to be curious over since I've only told about three people I even write in this thing, and I'm confident that probably only one of those people even read it.
So I'm proposing a proposal :D I don't much like to be stalked anon, it's a wee bit strange, so if you're just visiting, or you like how I write, or hate it, either way just write a little something in the comment box on the left please :) It would be nice to know who's passing through. I might even reply if you're lucky and your comment sparks enough interest in my teeny tiny grey matter.
Back to more pressing matters. Something WEIRD happened when I woke up this morning. About 8am my eyes fluttered open for no apparent reason (I never wake up before 10/11 without serious prodding). And then BAM the world was moving faster that anything I've ever seen. All I did was roll over slightly and look towards the wall and all of a sudden my eyes were doing some sort of crazy dance in my head, side to side, side to side, faster than you can imagine. It was very exhausting. I'm pretty sure that normally when you open your eyes the world doesn't look like someone just plopped it onto an intergalactic merry go round. So I was a bit terrified and all the moving was making me feel very sick. This continued for about an hour until I managed to sleep again. I'm ok now, except my head kind of feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool. :/ I'm thinking it was probably vertigo, onset by stress or lack of sleep or something. Bleh, I don't know.
It seems like a large majority of my post here are about these weird and wonderful things that just keep happening to my poor body. I often say that if there's some disease, ailment or injury out there, then I've probably had it or will do in the future. But I am never believed. Then weird shit like this happens. I am seriously not a hypochondriac, these things really happen to me!!

Tomorrow is a big day. Dexter season finale :O and the trailer looks so epic. I'm not sure how they are going to top last seasons finale and Rita's shock death but I can imagine they're going to have one hell of a good go at it. Even more exciting than the finale tomorrow is the announcement of Dexter Season 6 set to start filming in the spring. Up until now it had seemed like this was the last season. This news is big :)
After Dexter airs tomorrow there will a pilot episode for a new American comedy called "Shameless". "Wait up", you say. "Hasn't that been done before?" "Isn't it a BRITISH comedy?". Well yeah, the Americans have taken the idea and are trying to do it for themselves. I'm not quite sure how it's going to work in honesty. I don't think there are chavvy families in the US that quite compare the masterpiece of the Gallagher family. I'm sure they don't have council estates in America like they do in Manchester. Shameless (UK) has been running for 8 seasons now and has won a multitude of awards. I wonder if Shameless (US) can even scratch the surface of what we have. Things like this annoy me quite a lot. When Americans take a British that's doing really well and try to make it a success in the US, they claim that it is their own genius and that it is new and fresh. Inevitably, if it does well, they'll start to say that they got there first, that it was their idea and that we "copied". The number of times I've heard from Americans that we "copied this product or that TV show" drives me bonkers. Half the time if you actually go check, us Brits got there first. Punches fist in air at being British and awesome :D Raaaaaaawr :P
Shameless UK
Shameless US
I know I missed yesterday's lame joke post but that's because it was a very hectic day (kind of). I stayed up on Thursday night until almost 4am writing my essay on habitat fragmentation and when I still wasn't finished I gave up, went to bed and woke up at 8am to finish it (it was due at 12). So of course I was exhausted, got it finished thankfully by about 10 something and then went back to sleep. I slept until about 3/4pm. And you aren't getting todays right now either -how sad right! :'( - because I'm watching a movie in bed and the lounge is far too far away. Two jokes later you lucky lucky people!

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