Wednesday, 15 December 2010


It's been so hectic and busy, I feel like I haven't let my brain rest all day. Didn't even eat the advent chocolate today. :/

Been cracking away on my lab report pretty much all day apart from the obnoxious three hour poster presentation part! Which was thoroughly exhausting. I've been battling away with a nasty stress migraine since yesterday night that doesn't show any signs of letting up just yet. Eurgh. On a good note, I'm finally getting somewhere with the lab report. This time yesterday I may as well have had my nose against a brick wall because I couldn't find the words I needed to even begin. Now I'm almost finished! Yay!

Was supposed to be going to the statistics test tomorrow morning and then packing and leaving for home immediately afterwards, but the test is full :( So I have to go to the later one which means I can't go home until Friday. So sad :( Snow is forecast too which is worrying me quite a lot. Driving home could be treacherous.

Boring post, I know, but it nicely matches my boring day. Bleh.


What happens when you drop a snowball into a glass of water?
It gets wet!

*Wow these are getting lamer than ever!

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