Sunday, 23 January 2011

Apparently I have a lot to say today.

Sunday is always a great day for doing nothing. Traditionally and religiously the day of rest.

So, of course, from the age of about 8 onwards my dad though it would be really great if we all woke up really early on Sundays, in all manner of weather conditions, to go sailing for the whole day.

For almost ten years, the numbers of "Sunday lie-ins" I got was probably less than a quarter of all sundays... not that I was complaining. I moaned and groaned at getting up early and loathed getting into my sailing gear but almost always I'd be happy as ever as soon as we got on the water and always forgot what I'd ever been annoyed about in the first place.

As soon as I got to uni, Sunday sailing didn't exist, in fact, I'm not sure if this was specifically catered for students sleeping habits, but sailing was always midweek in the afternoon. After over ten years of waking up early in the week for school, then early at the weekend for sailing, I went a bit mad.

I think I managed to sleep in until 7pm one day. I'm actually not proud of that though. As much as I love sleeping, I really hate when I've just wasted my day.

Now though I'm a bit stuck when it comes to sleeping. I know that everyone has their "ideal number of hours" and as long as you get that amount you wake up rosy and fresh the next day. I think I have probably tried sleeping every number of hours (and minutes!) between 5 and 12 and I cannot find a middle ground. It is driving me batty. All I ask is that I wake up feeling refreshed, but I just can't seem to manage. Maybe I am just really lazy...

I seem to have trouble doing other routine things that normal people seem to just slip into.

Make up, for one.

As a kid I never went through the "experimenting with make up" stage that inevitably almost all little girls (are supposed to) go through. I think I had my nose too far buried in a book to even look up and realise I was supposed to be training myself for adult life. Now, I pay the consequences. Make up and me may aswell be on different planets. I can do mascara and eyeliner, doesn't really take a rocket scientist to work those out... I can just about manage blusher on most occasions. That is literally it. I had a free makeover once and they put foundation on me, it felt so gross. I hated it so much that I immediately went to wash it all off.

My friends can all do fancy, pretty things with eyeshadow and such, I wouldn't even know where to start.

I know that make up can be a blessing but could also be a curse when used in the wrong way. I'm not talking about going over the top here, I just want to know how to make a little bit more of myself for special occasions. I guess I'm doomed for all eternity, or until I have a daughter who can teach me at the ripe age of 40+.....

Secondly, studying.

I think it's common sense to say that if you're frustrated about studying, you aren't going to benefit from the time spent as much as if you knew what the heck you were doing. This is my problem. By now, almost everyone I know has "discovered" the studying method which is most efficient for them and they pretty much have it down to a tee. Me, oh no, I have tried almost every method in the book and I have no idea what works.

As far as I'm aware the only thing that works for me at the moment is just writing extensive notes based on class lectures. This is extremely time consuming and isn't even really that effective. I can read over said notes, write them out again and try to condense them and even test myself but it still doesn't seem to work very well. Boo, I'm doomed to studying nightmares for the next few years :'( That is if I even got good enough results in the exams just past. Let's not think about that though because I will start freaking out.

Abrupt change of topic...

I was lucky enough to receive an iPad for Christmas from my boyfriends wonderful mum. It has been both a blessing and curse. It is absolutely fantastic when I have nothing to do, amazing when I'm travelling and I'll soon be testing it out as a convenient note taking device when lectures start again. BUT, oh my goodness, it is also a great way to just consume hours of your life when you probably should be doing other, more important things.

Since I'm here and iPads will inevitably start to creep out in the masses, I might (if I can remember/be bothered) review one application each week or so. This will be slightly skewed since I only tend to buy certain types, but I will try and mix it up and give fair and balanced reviews :) Maybe I can convince a few skeptics to go out and buy one.

I'm a bit of an Apple monster with a phone, laptop and now iPad, but I'm not just "following the crowd". I was actually dead against all things Apple, until I actually tried using one and that's when I ate all of my negative words. My phone, for example, I bought it over two years ago now and it has served me so well. I honestly can't say a bad thing about it. I've heard lots of nightmare stories about the iPhone 4, but I have the first generation iPhone and it still works like I bought it yesterday, albeit there's a crack in the screen at the top, but that's just because I'm a klutz and I dropped in about 3ft onto concrete. God forbid, tomorrow it will die a horrible death because I've said such nice things about it today....

I'm going to start the Apple rolling (wahaha awful pun) with a review of an app I personally love. It's called:

My Kingdom for the Princess

The name obviously doesn't tell you much, but I love it.
The premise of the story is basically that a tornado and then an evil dragon (of course) wreak havoc on the wonderful kingdom and a handsome young man decides he is going to rebuild the castle so he can show the princess how much he loves her. *rolls eyes*

The actual game is slightly harder to explain. There is a map with various checkpoints/levels and you must do each one in turn to progress all of the way to the end. Each level has certain criteria you have to fullfil and this must all be done before nightfall or you don't get to build a new piece of the castle. You have a small amount of time to finish the level after nightfall, but you will receive no castle piece :(

This is the very first level, you start with a little hut and one "worker", the worker is sent to clear/rebuild the parts of the road that are blocking your path to the next level. As you progress the way out gets more elaborate and you can start to build other buildings in order to earn money, wood and food, as all of your actions cost a little bit of each.

This game is extremely addictive and it definitely worth the £2.99/$4.99 it is currently being sold for on the iTunes stores. There is a lite version available for free and it has at least ten levels to whet your appetite, incase you don't want to go and spend the money without trying it out first.

I have almost played through the whole game and have experienced no bugs and no crashes in that time, and luckily for me they just made the sequel, available at the same price as the first.

Once I turn it on, I just cannot put it down, the levels get gradually more challenging and sometimes it takes a few attempts to work out the most efficient route in order to secure a piece of the castle :D

TADA. Okay, so for my first review, I think not bad. Feedback? Is there anything I've missed? Do you even give a monkeys bum about iPad apps?? Please do let me know :)


I'm not sure if I've ran out of things to say yet but I sure hope I haven't bored anyone to death yet. I wouldn't want that on my conscience.

I've had a lot of comments about my lack of a follow button. I am completely aware and actively seeking help with this problem I have. The custom layout is not made by me, my skills do not stretch that far, but I can do basic editing. So, if anyone can enlighten me as to how I can include a follow button I will be forever indebted to you. Every time I google search I am flooded with ways to include buttons for Twitter on my blog, but I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN TWITTER. The one and only reason I use it is to see what Stephen Fry is up to because he is basically the most amazing human being on earth.

Can anyone help me? *sad face*

I quite enjoy reviewing things, I might even throw in a few book reviews. These will be very rare since my book reading speed has slowed somewhat to about 2 or 3 books a year, where it used to be 2 to 3 books a month. Every time I think about it, it makes me so sad!

Okay, I think I've invaded your internet space enough for today. More tomorrow no doubt. Enjoy :)

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